The workhouse in Callan.

During the period of the big famine, an Gorta Mór, in Ireland 25% of the Irish people died and another 25% left Ireland for the new world. In this workhouse in Callan and the fever sheds surrounding the main building, over 3500 people died in a period of 4 years. From 1922 the workhouse was used to accommodate free state troops. Part of this building, with it’s difficult history, is now close to be called a ruin, part of it is used by locals and part of the building, which was the reason I was there, is since 2007 in use as afordable studio spaces by the artist collective ‘Endangered studio’s ‘ where Caroline Schofield, an Irish artist with who I am doing an collaborations project, has a studio.

The shots for the Burrow project are taken in the back of the building.