The plan was to continue working on the project during our time in New Zealand but sadly things did not go as expected and today it is time to post the last Burrow shot. The plan is to exhibit some of the best shots and in time I’ll let you know if and when.

The Global Burrow project started as an idea to see if I was able to explain in an image, (a piece and a photo) what I wanted to say about how all over the world you find good places, resting places, safe havens. During these two years I learned far more than I bargained for and it was good. We, sometimes I alone, traveled far, saw beautiful places and met amazing people and even though we were not always able to physically work on it, we saw far more places suitable for this project than we worked on and realize there are millions, millions of millions of places which have the characteristics of a good and safe haven.. of the idea of Global Burrow.

There are a lot more shots then what you saw here but some pieces I build were not strong enough, of some Burrows the shots did not work. But some shots were perfect to me, the light, the air, the smile. In  some cases the pieces itself  made us hold our breath, because of the surroundings, the care of the place.

Today our last shot. Made from home where the piece I used most often in this project finds it final resting place. grinning.. yes, pun intended.

Goodbye and take care you.