A hole in the ground.

A considerable time ago I started thinking about making a hole in the ground, you know, a place to crawl into, sleep, get restored. only partly because of a longing to doze off again in one of the soft safe burrows in this  The Global burrow art-project, but what I longed for was different now, deeper into earth, more permanent.

Life has changed and so have I.

.. not sure life has become more hectic or the news that filtered through the channels more aggressive, but the longing to dig me a hole kept coming back in earnest though I let weeks turn into many months until one day, after being ill for a while, I strapped the spade to my bicycle and went to a wood where the owner told me I could dig to my hearts delight.

As I dug a shallow shape in those woods with trees and roots I again wondered if only I could lay in the earth for long enough, if it were possible for the mycelium to connect me to the trees so I could perhaps become family. And I gathered dried grass from a nearby place and made me a bed and dozed off, occasionally waking up because of bumble bees brushing my cheeks or birds rushing through the undergrowth, and I knew. And for hours I laid there and rested.

The whole idea behind making hollows, burrows and dens was born because I felt this longing to find refuge inside Mother Earth, seek asylum within Gaia, get nurtured and fed and to step into the footsteps of many a woodwitch, many a seeker, many a listener, to rest, be strengthened, to gather the self and figure things out, to understand.


And so I rested and the soft damp burrow in the barren earth was as I longed for, with the spiders, white soft ones and dark long legged ones crawling over me, the earthworms hiding into deeper earth close to me, snails and slugs sliding by over the thick roots running through my hiding place. I heard birds and saw the tops of the trees swaying in the spring breeze, heard a car in the distance and knew that no one would find me and I could just stay in my safe haven and dream, smile because of the little birds which checked on me and the raven who looked down from high up in the sky. And I closed my eyes again.