Dainava, a place in the US.

Walking over fields away from people and sounds and on a path where the winds swept trees of their feet.  A place within a place within a place. ps Travels will take me away for a… Continue reading


Early morning we went to a piece of wet woodland where I had worked before.  It’s an area with lots of roes and fallow deer, water birds, fat pigeons and different birds of prey.… Continue reading

Hidden (2)

In Hidden post 1 I wrote; One late afternoon I made a Burrow in a hidden area near to some beaches and after a month, after the first snow, I went back to… Continue reading

Snow and ice

Despite that spring is upon us on this side of the globe a Burrow made with snow and ice. I went up to this spot a couple of times this year and last and am every… Continue reading

Hidden. (post one)

Some time ago I wrote that you do not often get a chance to go back to a shape and work on it again, for all kinds of reasons. Hope I get to… Continue reading


Stables, potterysheds, cowsheds and woodbarns too, tell you things about family life and work, about people. Good places most of the time. This one? Very good.


Somewhere in Finland lives a man named Jirka Kallio, and he makes a snow castle every year. Terhi Ahonen and her son took me and my friend Aki there as Jirka said ‘Yep, that is fine.’… Continue reading

Two sides of reality.

One post back I wrote about working in an area which was a shock to the system. I labored on two burrows that day. These heavy basalt blocks are used to protect the land when storm… Continue reading

Water 3.

You do not get the chance often to go back to a shape you made  and work on it again. When you do, it does give you a better understanding of the difference… Continue reading

My land. My voice.

It was a bit of a schock for the system, this area with a combination of ancient clay and dark sand, seal sandbanks and heavy industry. It felt more real then a forest or meadow… Continue reading

Carolina Apolonia.

We took these shots on a cold, sunny and completely windstill day. The deer are at ease on days like these and we relaxed too when we sat down  in the sun, drank steaming hot tea from the… Continue reading

Summer rain.

At the end of last summer we stopped at a wood near Lake Michigan to see if I could work on a Burrow. At the moment I got my pack out of the car, the weather was… Continue reading

Windforce 10

We are used to living in a land where the sea level is above land level. On a day when the wind force is high there are flood controls 24 hours a day along the entire coast, and throughout the year… Continue reading

Water 2.

(If there is a Water 2 there is a Water 1.) So this is the second post in a serie of three, as there were three days we came back to the same spot… Continue reading


The interview by Misty Ericson for ‘Her circle ezine.’

Interview in her circle ezine. Give Me Shelter December 17, 2011 | By Misty Ericson | Elis with one of her rough wool felt blankets. Photo: Henk Vermeulen Dutch artist Elis Vermeulen’s Global Burrows… Continue reading

A rare find.

When we were driving around, looking for places in the US to build a Burrow, we visited a childhood scene from one of my friends and I took my materials and other stuff into an old forest where she used to pick… Continue reading


A difficult spot to work and hard to get the ‘perfect’ shots, but  this Burrow we made in Ohio fits its purpose well within the Global Burrow project.


One day I dug a Burrow on a beach where the sand grains are small and mixed with mud and silt. I like this place and how soft and muddy this sand feels and how easy it is… Continue reading

Childhood dreams.

A friend saw me work and climbed this tree and sat there for a while, as I had done myself. A perfect hiding place where you can sit for hours and just dream. When I… Continue reading