Both incredibly strong and easily distructable.

String as thin as I never used in my work before, it snapped so easily it made me sigh sometimes. I had to move  carefully. Working made me concentrate on the silence in the building and breathing and… Continue reading

Belgian Ardennes.

It’s not often that I show work photo’s, but here we go. Working in places like the Belgian Ardennes is good for so many reasons. Because of those silent woods which hardly exist in the Netherlands anymore,… Continue reading

Named after a sand bar.

Salt air, concrete, wind mills, seals,tarmac (asphalt), iron, fishermen and tourists from all around the globe. ps. If you are interested in a really long piece about this spot, click here. But Wikepedia gave the short version for those living… Continue reading

Abandoned home,

They apparently packed in a hurry, leaving possessions and house to be claimed by nature. But the soil was good and black here in Ohio, United States.   (A thank you to Pamela MacGregor who took… Continue reading

A man cave.

‘A man cave, sometimes a mantuary or manspace, is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage..’ (Wikepedia) Battle creek, USA.

Global burrow artproject

I rested at a place called Glory in Ireland. A perfect setting to tell you I will be away for a bit. I am going to the US, to teach and work on the Global Burrow project.… Continue reading

Who wants to..

It was warm theat day of the opening and we had fun. the first time we made burrows in ( with such a perfect surroundings and buildings) city enviroment of this old harbour. Burrows… Continue reading

Let there be light.

We switched on the lights yesterday late, one projection in the front and one in the back of the art-container. The opening and making Burrows with the public is coming saturday.   Light projection… Continue reading


Working on this Burrow in Sweden was a treat. Good stones, lots of moss, very silent and working became even better when the wind and mild rain chased the mosquito’s away.        … Continue reading

Netherlands- Vlissingen- Scheldekwartier on the 3rd of september.

And become part of the project. Global Burrows Project —Vlissingen, NL Visual artist Elis Vermeulen makes in different places int he world burrows, resting places. On september the 3rd, as an opening for… Continue reading

A woman and her sheep.

Her name is Suzanna Crampton, the sheep are called Zwartbles. Suzanna made fun of me when I asked her a couple of times to repeat that name, but you try understanding the Irish/American… Continue reading

Silent garden.

A silent walled garden near a silent home somewhere in Ireland. When I asked ‘Can I work there?’. People said, ‘Yeah sure, go ahead.’ When I said, ‘I will put everything back in right order.’ They… Continue reading

Before dozing off..

I can now tell you that Global burrows is going to Vlissingen and we are happy to invite you all to come to and make your own Burrow on the opening day of the… Continue reading

Swedish home.

Sweden. In this photo; Edo and Nanda. No website, no facebook. Just Edo and Nanda at their home in Sweden. A space where there are no sounds besides those made by this family, and that of… Continue reading

Dark and soft.

  The woods were full of life.. millions of mosquito’s.. and building this Burrow needed some perseverance because of those little critters who came jumping out of the dark in search of our blood.… Continue reading


  Part of the burrow project are the photo’s of the people. Some I know for years, others I have met and meet while I work on this project. Amazing people, kind people, people who make… Continue reading

Barn burrow.

This was the least challenging Burrow for my body to make so far and it shows, the burrow was so easy going, so sleepy soft,  I might be looking at more haystacks from now on.:) It almost feels… Continue reading


The green grass beneath the birchtrees was soft and beautiful. A perfect place. We had to take a lot of care take care not to walk on this soft green grass or disturb anything. (don’t ask… Continue reading

Global burrows project in Sweden.

Despite zillions of mosquitos,  rain and wild boars and thankful for all that Sweden has to offer, Svenska folket, both locals and immigrants, mountains, green green woods, water, stones taken from fields through the ages, red painted wooden barns, and… Continue reading

In the ruins of the Abbey of Kells.

The combination of this place, time and ages, the clouds, the sounds the crows made, the felt inside the burrow, it made us become silent. ‘It looks almost comfortable.’ my friend said. I smiled,… Continue reading