Pulchritudinous people..

Pulchriwhat?… herm..beautiful.. Truly beautiful people. :) Giel Louws  is a painter, who studied on the academy’s of Bruges and Kampen. He exhibited in different galleries and art centres, and is part of artist… Continue reading

Global burrows in Ireland.

There is so much I could say about making pieces in Ireland. Even just about this one, the second I made in Ireland I can talk for a while..:) About how it is to be able… Continue reading

People.. it needs people..

Last time I explained a bit about the pillars of this project, about the first three. Today I want to tell you something about the people part of the project, the fourth pillar.… Continue reading

A post scriptum about Global burrows in the press.

The informative, fun, and may I add, completely for free online magazine of the Handeye ‘imperium’ (do subscribe!) now has, amongst other things, a piece about the Global burrow project. go click.

Burrows can be found in the most unlikely places..

It took me time to get the full idea of the Global burrows art-project and its possibilities. I like.. well.. and need, lots of thinking time and I know those months are an integral part of… Continue reading


 Burrows were build to be on the front piece photo for the Feltunited site we are busy updating for 2011.  We made a couple of burrows on one of the first sunny mornings of this year. Nice… Continue reading

Here we go..

One day I got this idea, saw these images in my head and I stood still and thought about it and after that left it to stew for a couple of months The idea got lines and colour and… Continue reading