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The plan was to continue working on the project during our time in New Zealand but sadly things did not go as expected and today it is time to post the last Burrow… Continue reading

Down memory lane.

We came often to this place, years back. A place where we walked and talked and climbed the trees. Good memories.

Deep in the forest

Deep in the forest in Sweden where you find moose prints in the soft moss.


A couple of years ago we first saw this tree on the coast of Denmark. People hang whatever they find on the coast in this tree, gear from fishing boats, pieces of iron, rocks, plastic.… Continue reading


No words needed I guess. Ireland.

Denmarks flow.

When I was young my parents took my brother and me to Scandinavia every summer. So, though we lived on flat land I grew up with images of flowing green and yellow land,  amazing… Continue reading


I’ve had my eye on this perfect beautiful old icehouse  behind a friend’s old house in a forest somewhere in the middle of Sweden for over a year.. ;)

Sand and clouds.

Sand, clouds and a bird. A good day.


Hundreds of different mosses floating on peaty water, flowers, (wet trousers) and björnbär. We could live there.  

A.I.R. at the artist collective KipVis.

Artist in Residence. Talking about burrows.. The residency is build for artists (ww) who would benefit from a working period in this neck of the woods for a short period of time. For more info… Continue reading

Back to where it started.

The First burrows I made at the beginning of this art project were made on this same beach in February 2011. I have  been to many places and dug or build many Burrows since then and I loved coming back to this… Continue reading

Snow forrest up North.

Shots of a perfect day in silent wintery woods up in Finland in winter. I remembered when I now worked with these shots again, that working the snow and deep down digging up plants  made me think of the deer,… Continue reading

People burrow in an old house.

Petra Luteijn and her family moved into an old house about a year ago, Loads needed done to and in their new home and they both are on my ‘really hard workers’ list. She… Continue reading

Atlantic ocean.

What I would like to add to these Burrow shots might seem random. Bright sun,  cold swim in freezing Atlantic ocean, the feeling of freedom, how good it was to spend time with friends and how we… Continue reading

People burrow in Milan.


The workhouse in Callan.

During the period of the big famine, an Gorta Mór, in Ireland 25% of the Irish people died and another 25% left Ireland for the new world. In this workhouse in Callan and the fever sheds surrounding the… Continue reading


This project brought me to different places and though it makes me annoyed as I forget it so often, I sometimes do remember to take a shot of the beds I sleep in. Herm.. I could also put… Continue reading


Early morning we went to a piece of wet woodland where I had worked before.  It’s an area with lots of roes and fallow deer, water birds, fat pigeons and different birds of prey.… Continue reading

Hidden (2)

In Hidden post 1 I wrote; One late afternoon I made a Burrow in a hidden area near to some beaches and after a month, after the first snow, I went back to… Continue reading

Hidden. (post one)

Some time ago I wrote that you do not often get a chance to go back to a shape and work on it again, for all kinds of reasons. Hope I get to… Continue reading