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The plan was to continue working on the project during our time in New Zealand but sadly things did not go as expected and today it is time to post the last Burrow… Continue reading

Deep in the forest

Deep in the forest in Sweden where you find moose prints in the soft moss.

Dainava, a place in the US.

Walking over fields away from people and sounds and on a path where the winds swept trees of their feet.  A place within a place within a place. ps Travels will take me away for a… Continue reading


Early morning we went to a piece of wet woodland where I had worked before.  It’s an area with lots of roes and fallow deer, water birds, fat pigeons and different birds of prey.… Continue reading

Water 3.

You do not get the chance often to go back to a shape you made  and work on it again. When you do, it does give you a better understanding of the difference… Continue reading

Summer rain.

At the end of last summer we stopped at a wood near Lake Michigan to see if I could work on a Burrow. At the moment I got my pack out of the car, the weather was… Continue reading